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Selecting a watch is very subjective and really important that it is suiting to your own style as well as finding it aesthetically admiring once you wear it. No single watch is the perfect watch for you, with so many available options to choose from. However, if based on the different type of watch movements, you can easily differentiate between them and select the one which is best suited to your lifestyle. This post is to elaborate in details of each type of clock movement and how to select the watch movement types just right for you. There are total 3 types of clock movement in the industry, i.e. Manual Mechanical movement, Automatic Mechanical movement and lastly the Quartz movement.


Manual Mechanical Movement Watch

If you are longing for high-end luxury watch, a mechanical movement is surely be your choice. Mechanical movement is the pioneer in the watch making industry and manual mechanical watches are the oldest type, which dating back since 16th Century. Each watch is a work of art, which comprised of over 100 tiny but sophisticated moving parts, precisely engineered to power every ticking of the clockworks.  Manual mechanical watches are powered by hand winding mechanism to keep the watch running optimally. As a rule of thumb, manual mechanical watches are best to wind at the same time every day to ensure its accuracy.

Of course, this type of watch requires regular maintenance and the price tag is incredibly astonishing. Some might think that it is troublesome as every now and then you have to hand wind the watch to keep the time accuracy. If your lifestyle enables you to commit to the time, care and expenses associated with maintaining this type of mechanical watch, then this clock movement type is certainly suited you.


Automatic Mechanical Movement Watch

“Auto” mechanical watches are literally saying the clock movements are ticking by itself, neither by battery power nor manual hand winding power. How does it possible? This is what makes this type of mechanical watch stands out from the norm. Automatic mechanical watches run on the stored kinetic energy in the mainspring (more details on this later), which is created simply by the natural movement of the wearer’s arm to provide energy to run the watch.  When you flip to the watch backside, you will be able to see the mainspring and a series of gear trains through the transparent case back. For Automatic mechanical watch, there is an additional semicircular rotor which rotates and winds the mainspring in according to the wearer motions.

Mechanical watch semicircular rotor

As long as you wear it daily, the watch will able to keep accurate time and no hand winding is required. However, as similar to manual mechanical watches it required same commitment to professional cleaning and maintenance in the regular interval.


Quartz Movement Watches

I believe no one has never heard of the Quartz movement watch before. Nevertheless, quartz movement is the most popular type of watch and it definitely capable in keeping excellent time at a minimal amount of commitment. These watches are powered by tiny disc battery and it normally can last for at least 3 years.

Due to its simplicity and fewer moving parts underneath the case, it requires very little maintenance and cleaning to keep the quartz movement in perfect condition. Most importantly, the complexity-less quartz watches are often selling at more conservative price than the previous mechanical watches.

If you prefer a less attractive and easy-to-care type of watch, a quartz movement would be an ideal choice for you.


Writer’s Note:

Now you have came to know the basic of three types of watch movement in the market and take time to consider each of them before buying your perfect timepiece. But the decision is still back to your own lifestyle and your personal preference. And also, whenever you do shopping online, please check for product reviews so that you have a better ideas of what you are buying.

As always, choose a watch that you feel great wearing and admiring on it.  If you wish to have a magnificent mechanical watch which does not break the bank, feel free to visit ATMC WatchSurprises await you!

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